Here are some common questions we get on KMS and the site. If you need more help or have technical questions, please use the form here. Once you are signed up and registered, there is a seperate FAQ to answer other questions that are only relevant to registered users. 

1. What is the Kabuki Movement System (KMS)?

Kabuki Movement Systems (KMS) is a groundbreaking approach using basic loaded movements to determine deviant movement patterns, underlying issues, and how to fix them.

2. Who created this site?

KMS is an educational endeavor of Kabuki Strength. We are an organization devoted to optimizing human performance via innovative methods, tools, and education. Visit our home page for more information and our online store.

3. What clinical practices is KMS influenced by?

The KMS method has been heavily influenced by the Prague School and DNS, FMS, PNF, SFMA. Individuals whose work has been important for the development of KMS include (but not limited too) Pavel Kolar, Karel Lewit, Vaclav Vojta, Vladmir Janda, Craig Liebenson, Phillip Snell, Stuart McGill, Evan Osar, Pavel Tsatsouline, Gray Cook, Robin Mckenzie. We are immensely grateful to these individuals and schools of thought for their contributions. 

4. How can I learn more about KMS?

You can find out more about KMS by reading about it on the home page here. You can also find tons of information on head coach Chris Duffin's youtube channel here or on the Kabuki Strength website. Of course, the best way to learn the method is to attend one of our seminars in-person, where you will work hands-on with our coaching staff in a lecture/workshop format.

5. How much does a KMS membership cost?

A website membership requires an initial $49.99 registration fee, after that, you will be billed automatically monthly for $9.99 per month. The $49.99 initial fee exists due to the significant amount of content registered users will have access to immediately after they sign up - eseentially the whole KMS method.  The low recurring monthly fee covers the content that will continuously be added to the site monthly or even weekly. Of course, you may cancel your subscription at any time - but we have a feeling this site will prove useful to you! 

6. How are automatic payments setup?

We use a payment platform called Recurly to manage online payments. This platform will allow you to manage your subscription at will - you can edit your billing information, cancel your membership, and much more. 

7. Where can i get more information about upcoming events and seminars?

The "News and Events" page here contains information about future seminars.