Welcome to Kabuki.MS

Before we get into the specifics of what KMS is, here's what a membership on this site will provide you with:

  • Access to KMS video library containing over 100+ videos (more being added weekly) 
  • Guided tutorials created by KMS coaches, outlining proper movement progression and common programming solutions
  • Discussions and access to KMS coaches (Chris Duffin and Co.) via comments on individual videos or the forum
  • KMS programming outlines and sample programs to help you in creating your own programs 
  • Private video content with some of the most recognizable names in the industry - discussing relevant topics

So then, all that being said...what exactly is KMS?

Kabuki Movement Systems (KMS) is a groundbreaking approach using basic loaded movements to determine deviant movement patterns, underlying issues, and how to fix them.  You will learn to identify these issues, use clinically supported corrective measures to resolve them, and understand how to coach these movements using methods based on basic human Operational Mechanics. This integrated system will allow you to quickly identify and improve your performance, or your clients’.  This method is not only innovative, but also grounded in science - pulling from multiple respected and developed disciplines. Once the basic operation mechanics and related postural/recruitment patterns are understood, we can use the core barbell lifts as both the assessment and corrective tools for movement issues.  KMS covers a large variety of correctional movement patterns yet never deviates from our core tenant - basic movement patterns to improve human function, get stronger, and live better.

This website is intended to teach you how to use these movements and tools on yourself or your clients in conjunction with our Guided Tutorials and training templates.  The Kabuki Movement Systems portal is an ever-changing and continuously-growing resource for your ongoing training needs that can be used as a well-indexed quick reference video encyclopedia or as a systematic video ebook on the KMS approach.

Background on this Approach

KMS was founded by world-renowned coach and powerlifter Chris Duffin and his team at the Kabuki Strength Lab.  Chris has been a strength coach for over 15 years and has coached more all-time record setting powerlifters than nearly any other coach in the world. He also owns several world records himself in his 25 years as an athlete. Chris combined this experience with his background in engineering and a constantly-learning mindset developed during his industrial leadership career. He sought out the leading rehab and sports clinicians in the world, learning directly from them and then refining and testing this approach with his team through years of gruelling work under the bar and in the weight room.  He has also lectured on human movement in many university/college settings and has been a contributor to PhD-level curriculum.  Numerous professional and college sports teams have consulted with Chris and integrated the KMS principles into their own programs to much success.



"I learned more about how the body operates under load in 2 days than during the 4 years of my Kinesiology degree"
- Anthony Zhang

"For 2 years I was struggled with returning to lifting after a shoulder dislocation.  None of my resources within my clinical network were able to get me out of pain and certainly not back to lifting.  Within a week of the KMS seminar I was out of pain and lifting what I had done 2 years prior!  Better yet I knew exactly what the issue was and how to fix as well as substantially increased my knowledge that I will use as a coach and in my practice!"
- Dr Donald Blake Berry

“This course combines clinical theory with years of competition tested training through the lens of powerlifting. As a clinician, it was refreshing to see many tried and true concepts repurposed and utilized in novel ways that reached beyond the treatment room and into the domain of athletic development. Any athlete would benefit from this seminar, but for the movement specialist, it is invaluable when troubleshooting dysfunction. The KMS no-nonsense approach is crystal clear in its instruction. I apply the concepts in both the clinic setting and the gym on a daily basis.”

            - Dr. Roy Page, D.C., M.S., CCSP®

"Kabuki Movement Systems is for everybody. Regardless of your education and experience in the gym as a strength athlete or as a strength coach, unless you are a closed minded fool, you can pick something up from this workshop. You can bet your ass he drops nuggets of knowledge that are pure gold. As a strength coach who has been to 7 DNS courses and countless other workshops, I can say, that Chris gave me 2 years of trying to figure out cuing and how I can apply certain concepts to my athletes in those two days. The impact the course has already had on my lifts, and the lifts of my athletes  after just the first day of me applying KMS principles is profound. As strength coach who is in the trenches of training every day, it is clear how powerful this course truly is!"

     -Bobby Congalton, Strength Coach and owner of 1RM Performance.